Condition for writing articles


General instructions for authors

Important principles which the authors must understand:
  • What is the central message of your article? What is important, useful, or new? Why do readers need to know about it?
  • How can this idea be applied in praxis?
  • What research have you conducted to support your argument?
  • On what previous work (either of your own or of others) does this idea build?
  • Is the article original?
Authors should not seek to use the Journal as a vehicle for marketing any specific product or service.
Authors should avoid the use of language or slang which is not in keeping with the academic and professional style of the Journal.
Authors must ensure that references to named people and/or organisations are accurate, articles are not racist or sexist, and without libellous implications.


Format of articles

The recommended range of articles is 4-8 pages A4 writen in the template. In case of publishing a large number of pages it is necessary to contact the editors.
If any articles does not fulfill all the formal requirements of the guidelines for writing articles it will be rejected before the review process.
A corrected article, sent by the author back after the first rejection will be automatically suspended for assessment to the next issue.


Guidelines for writing an articles

Abstract, key words, pictures, tables, formula, TEMPLATE


Accuracy of content

All contributions sent to the publisher must bear the author's full name and address.
Contributions, whether published are accepted on the strict understanding that the author is responsible for the accuracy of all opinion, technical comment, factual report, data, figures, illustrations and photographs.
Publication does not necessarily imply that these are the opinions of the Editors, Editorial Board or the Publisher, nor do the Editors, Editorial Board, or Publisher accept any liability for the accuracy of such comment, report or other technical and factual information.
Journal Media4u Magazine will, however, strive to ensure that all opinion, comments, reports, data, figures, illustrations and photographs are accurate, insofar as it is within its abilities to do so.



The author of an article is fully responsible for its content.
Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders for reproducing through any medium of communication those illustrations, tables, figures or lengthy quotations previously published elsewhere.
Submitting an article authors confirm on submission that the article is original, is not under consideration by another journal, has not previously been published elsewhere and that its content has not been anticipated by previous publication.
Authors retain their rights to republish this material in other works written or edited by themselves subject to full acknowledgement of the original source of publication.
No contribution will be accepted which has been published elsewhere, unless it is expressly invited or agreed by the Editors and the Publisher.
Submitting an article for publication by the e-mail the author agrees with electronic publishing in Journal Media4u Magazine, electronic archiving performed by WebArchiv – Archives of the Czech Web, the National Library of the Czech Republic and its other indexing.
All articles published in the journal Media4u Magazine or its parts thereof may be used for other publications, if indicated their citations under the applicable standards.


Privacy policy - GDPR

  1. Archived data
    • Members of the Scientific Editorial Board - Names, titles, states
    • Authors of articles - Names, titles, institutions, emails
    • Reviewers - Names, titles, states

  2. Purpose
    All data are reported publicly in the legitimate interests of authors, reviewers and members of the Scientific Editorial Board.

  3. Location of archived data
    • All data are publicly accessible on the web site http:
    • One backup medium accessible in the editorial office of the magazine
    • The magazine is publicly distributed and is not a real control in the world.

  4. Agree to the statement
    • All members of the Scientific Editorial Board gave their consent to placing their name, title and state.
    • The authors give a consent stating name, title, institution and e-mail for a particular article by sending your article to the review process.
    • Reviewers give consent to their names, titles and state that send the review article.

  5. Possibility to remove archiving data
    • Each member of the scientific editorial board and reviewers college has the option to request the cancellation of data about themselves. He will be accepted immediately on the magazine's website and the next issue. Older releases are not possible. The reason is the archiving and indexing databases and the principle of expanding the magazine in the world.
    • Each author has the option of requesting the cancellation of the data about himself. It will be accepted only for articles, which yet not published. The reason is the archiving and indexing databases and the principle of expanding magazine articles and citations in the world.


Ethics Policy

The journal Media4u Magazine is published in conformity with the Committee on Publication Ethics COPE. We expect all prospective authors to read and understand Ethics Policy (with which we indicate conformity) before submitting any manuscript to this journal. This policy details the responsibilities of all authors, editors and reviewers working with and for Media4u Magazine as well as our own ethical responsibilities. This includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, falsification of data, misuse of third party material, fabrication of results and fraudulent authorship. Please note that submitted manuscripts may be subject to checks in order to detect instances of overlapping and similar text. If plagiarism or misconduct is found, consequences are detailed in the policy.
Ethic policy for:


Reviewing procedure

All submitted manuscripts will first be screened by the editors for fit with the Media4u Magazine´s scope and requirements and, if approved, will be submitted to peer-review by at least two external referees. Should an article be not approved for the review process the author will be informed of the fact within one month after its submission.
The main assessment criteria:
  • Compliance with the general guidelines for writing articles
  • Compliance with the guidelines for writing articles
  • The structure of article
  • The accuracy of the content
  • Originality
  • Illustrations - photos, pictures, tables
  • Used terminology
  • Relevance of citations
The acceptance or rejection of their article will be notified to the author by e-mail no later than three months after its submission.
The language of an article: Authors of articles written in languages other than Czech, who are not native speakers of those languages, are required to submit, along with their article, a review statement issued by a linguist knowledgeable of, and fully proficient in the respective language (such as a university teacher of that language or a certified translator in that language); the statement is to acknowledge that the article has been proofread and its linguistic quality corresponds to the general academic standards. The name of the person issuing the statement will be appended to the article.


The publication schedule

The Journal Media4u Magazine is published quarterly:
  • 15th March with the deadline for submission 15th December of the previous year
  • 15th June with the deadline for submission 15th March
  • 15th September with the deadline for submission 15th June
  • 15th December with the deadline for submission 15th September


Address for submissions

Submissions must be sent via e-mail in MS Word 97-2003 (*.doc) format to the publisher at
The author´s name should be in the subject of email.
The author will get a message confirming the receipt of his or her email.



The publishing of an articles is free of charge.


Instructions and templates for writing
Template for referee´s review